Monday, August 8, 2011

I Got The Itch!

It came on this afternoon without any warning. An itch. An itch to create something. It all started when I was getting dressed for the day today. I was curling my hair, feeling good, and decided to throw on a stack of random bracelets.

Exhibit A:

What kind of loser takes pictures of herself while she's getting ready? Umm me. Duh.

Almost 25 and I feel like I finally semi-know how to do my makeup. Subtle, but there.

So after wearing this stack of bracelets + watch all day I decided I wanted more. So I spent 34896523874 hours at Michaels buying beads which turned into me making bracelets in front of the tv while The Last Song was on. (Is it just me or does Miley Cyrus look like she smells something bad the whole time in that movie?)

Anyways these are the finished products! Obviously I won't wear all of these at once because it's a little over-kill, but for photos sake I put them all on. I love them! And now I have an urge to go buy more beads and do different designs with them! New. Obsession.

Love getting to be creative all day instead of sitting behind a desk all day! Now it's off to my sad Monday night sans The Bachelorette. xo

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alicia said...

you are TOO cute!