Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Willy Style

Stumbled upon this Architectural Digest article on the home of Will and Jada Smith this afternoon. So many things about their home design have been added to my someday-I-will-do list. Love their big entry door and the wide open spaces with pops of color. No way their marriage could be on the rocks in this abode!

Loooove the front door! What a good looking family!
I. Die. This living room is gorgeous to the extreme!!
Will and Jada Smith Architectural Digest
Will and Jada Smith Architectural Digest
Seems Moroccan style, no?
Such a beautiful Malibu home! One day I will have a great big front door like that, along with a living room that completely opens up to the outside. One day people. One day.

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L'Ankou said...

Hello!really nice home! Awesome!
Nice blog too.Like your eyes ;)