Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Back

Super creative title. I know. Anyways I'm back! I've been in the mountains for a whole week camping. We fished, we cooked every meal, and we were technology free for 7 days! It was so hard to not be able to check my blog, write posts, and make videos, but in the end it was nice to kind of fall off the map for a little while.

Being out in the woods definitely makes you appreciate modern technology a lot more. I missed having normal water pressure and a down comforter around. But I think I missed stalking everyone on blogs the most.

I have 4671021375 blogs to catch up on and I'm really excited about that! Sometimes I get sad when I realize I've read every dang post someone has and then I'm like biting at the dust for another post to arrive. But not this week, I have a million to read and I couldn't be more happy.

Oh! And I dyed my hair! I did it the day before we left for the mountains. It's a lot darker with small highlights throughout. The highlights aren't super blonde, she toned them to a warm caramel color. I love it and am so happy with the results. It's exactly what I wanted! What do you think?

I'll be posting some super exciting mountain photos I took this week so stay tuned! xo


Sorcha said...

The new hair colour is gorgeous!

Eek, camping. I don't know that I've brave enough to tough it out for seven whole days. The most I've ever managed was a weekend at a music festival! :)

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

OceanBaby said...

Love the hair girl!!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Love your dark hair!! I just recently went darker to and it is so much fun!