Monday, April 4, 2011

5 Things About Me

I am running sooooo late today. Too many errands to do after work this afternoon and of course I don't write posts before hand and then "schedule" them to upload automatically, even though I'm sure it would save me a lot of time. My good friend is a blogger too, and she does this and swears by it. BUT although I see it is a huge convenience thing, I just feel like this is supposed to be my daily musings of what I like and what inspires me. Frankly I'm inspired every hour and every minute of the day. All day long I'm constantly saying "that could be a great blog post!" or "I need to write about that!" for the sake of my always running mind, I post every evening when I get home from work. Not the most time efficient way I guess but it works for me!

ANYWAYS!! Today I'm going to introduce myself a little more to you by telling you five things about myself. Whenever I see these on other peoples blogs I love reading them because it gives such a good glimpse into the life of that person. It's interesting to see what five things they choose to tell you about themselves. Some are more personal than others. We'll see how I do. xo

1. I could live off of bread and pasta. Seriously. I could go without meat and dairy and just live off of bread and various dipping sauce or any kind of pasta in a white wine lemon-y sauce with capers or something. Yum! Bread with oil & vinegar are my favorite. Hello Macaroni Grill and Johnny Carinos!!

2. I'll be 25 this year. 24 as of today, but turning the big 2.5. in a few months. Although I feel 25 I sure don't look it, which has its positives and its negatives. Sometimes people think I'm like 16.....which sucks. I mean really? Come on. It's also embarrassing when I get carded for the PG-13 or R movies. And I reaaaalllly hate the saying "You'll love it when you're older" because everyone has been telling me that since I was younger and now I'm older and I'm still not loving it. Ha. Baby face.

3. I've been divorced three times. Well not me personally, but my parents have. My mom and dad divorced when I was about 4, then my mom and step dad divorced when I was like 18, and then my dad and step mom divorced when I was about 22. Until I met my now boyfriend I wasn't too keen on the whole marriage thing or kids. I just have never grown up in a home where the marriage actually lasts/works. My bf has completely changed my outlook on that situation though :)

4. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people don't use their blinkers. I hate it. Drives me nuts. It's like hello people, your car comes with one....use it. I guess I've been behind one too many drivers who all of a sudden stop like there's a baby in the road and turn into some place. I'm always saying "Ohhhhhhh you were turning there...thanks". Oy vey. Blinkers. Use them. Love them.

5. I didn't realize until my last semester in college what I should have gone to school for. I graduated with a bachelors in business and the last semester I realized I truly wanted to be in graphic design. I'm so into it and really want to go get another degree but the school I want to go to costs like $100,000 for a 4 year degree!! Too much moolah for me! I'm trying to decide if I have enough patience and will power to take an online degree course for graphic design. Anyone ever done that?

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Aspiring Kennedy said...

first of all- with you on pasta. i could eat it every meal. i kinda do mostly...

second- love sloane!!! in fact, i wrote a blog about it a few weeks back. i was told there'd be cake is pretty much my anthem novel. love that you like it, too!