Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to Reality...

My trip to San Diego this past weekend turned out better than I could have predicted. (this could have something to do with the fact that I called in to work on Tuesday, making it a FIVE day weekend for me!) Yeeeeessss! We took in the action, sound, and dirt of Super Cross, went to the San Diego Zoo on Sunday, and then went to Bob Fest on Monday. Long and busy weekend to say the least.

I booked us a "fancy" hotel this time since we usually stay somewhere cheap. The Solamar Hotel in downtown San Diego was the perfect place to come home to after our long days out and about. Outstanding service and staff plus prime location next to shops and eateries, made my stay just about perfect.

{Gorgeous mirror hung in front of our bed}

{Beachy coral bedside lamp}

{Our all white linen bed with twig headboard, a little messed up from us already jumping on it}

{A fully stocked bar is always nice, but at $25 a bottle we stayed far away}

{Our view out of our push-out window was of the 4th floor lounge/bar/pool area}

{View of the exterior of Hotel Solamar, via}

Not so excited to be back at work, but I guess I'm just working towards that next vacation!

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